Organic seed


For several decades, we have witnessed the incidence and frequency of various cancerogenic diseases in people, for which science is trying to find answers.

Unfortunately, part of the correct answer can be found in ourselves, that is, in our inappropriate diet or, more specifically, in the food containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). GMO food is a product of genetic engineering, which uses special technique to insert new genes in the DNA. The insertion of such genes causes modification, that is, changes of the genetic material. These changes result into mutation and degenerations of the organism. Anyone using GMO food shall with time, and on the basis of inheriting, face side effects and risks from cancer, renal and cardiac diseases, diabetes, sterility, immune and other diseases. Our objective is to use the BiogreenFarm 100% organic seeds so as to encourage domestic production of healthy organic food (vegetable, fruit), food which meets the requirements of the organism, against the GMO food which lacks the nutritious values, and contains significant quantities of toxins!

Produce your own vegetables and fruits! With seeds of BiogreenFarm 100% organic seeds free of GMO (genetically modified organisms). By using the organic seeds, which are certified products of organic origin, termed – BiogreenFarm, you could with full certainty produce organic and healthy products without GMO, for own needs and for the needs of your close people, which could be grown anywhere, even in your gardens and balconies, by using the 100% organic microbiological fertilizer Bioredworm - L & S, in quantities prescribed in the table for use.