Bioredworm ®- S (Solid)

100 % Organic - Microbial Worm (Casting) Fertilizer / All Kinds Of Field, Greenhouse & Garden Plants For

Bioredworm- S (Solid) “ Premium quality “ is a high-quality solid 100% organic-microbial worm-casting fertilizer, produced from natural livestock manure, with a special method in “smart harvesting vermicompost  system’s ” (S.H.V.S Version 5.05) designed by (B.R.W -Technology) from the Californian red worms (Eisenia Foetida and Eisenia Andrei, the best kind of worms for composting.) The worms process livestock manure for a period of (min.)1 year, which is rich in all types of organogenic elements, microelements and bioactiv (beneficial)microorganisms. Ideal for use in organic agriculture as well as in conventional production: It is placed directly next to the root, no overdosage, plants can assimilate it easily and rapidly.

The solid organic - microbiological worm-casting fertilizer of average quality contains:  5 times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus, 11 times more potassium, and three times more magnesium than livestock manure. In addition, one should take into consideration the fact that manure, unprocessed by red worms, can transmit weeds, plant diseases and nematodes!

Effect of Bioredworm -S (solid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer in the plant’s:  

 Bioredworm - S protects and balances the nutrition of plant’s.

 Plant’s use the nitrogen in a controllable way. They reach natural balance and contains 75% ammonium and 25% nitrate nitrogen, which is (a dream) of each plant. (Nitrates in large measures are harmful to humans and plants..! )

 Microorganisms stimulate the plant growth and development, which increases plant resistance to all kinds of diseases, drought and frost.

 They decrease the percentage of extremes freezing low temperature. 

 Increase seed germination and root growth.

 Vegetables have very rich emerging and healthy root system, large stalk, full canopy and large number of leaves. They are healthy and because of that, the infection from the insects reduces.


Effect of  Bioredworm -S (solid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer in the fruits:

 A high percentage of the vitamin “C” in the fruit for 2-7 times.

  Fruits are more thorough and the color is much darker also, the taste is delicious and the flavor is pleasant.

 They have earlier development for 10-15 days

 Increased yield from 30-100% (depending on the plant).

 The fruits stay fresh for a long time and more easily afford the transportation.



Effect of Bioredworm -S (solid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer on the soil:

 Bioredworm - S adjusts the soil structure and performs biomelioration at the same time.

 The large number of useful-microorganisms with their ferments performs sprightly on the ground, and increases its fertility.

 Also establishes the sources of nitrogen from all the kind of fertilizer and grounds. 

 Increases the organic matter of the soil. 

 Maintains pH of the soil.




Recommendation for the use of garden cultures:

During the production of nursery plants, it is necessary to add minimum 10% Bioredworm - S in a neutral substrate (peat) mixed with 10% sand. The soil in which nursery plants are placed, should be previously mixed with 10% Bioredworm - S, and should be afterwards treated with Bioredworm - L. When plants are mature for transplanting, it is best to add 30 to 100 grams of Bioredworm - S in the holes for the plants, so that the plant root is in direct contract with Bioredworm - S. We recommend, prior planting, to distribute 100-130 per decare, followed by shallow ploughing.


The planting of the fruit:

✔ Before planting, the new sapling it is moisturized and mixed with Bioredworm - S and water.

✔ During the planting of the fruit, it is set 1.5 to 2 kg Bioredworm - S in a sapling.

✔ In the trees, that are 5 years old it is set 1.5 to 2 kg Bioredworm - S.

✔ In the older trees that are up to 5 years it is set 2- 3 kg Bioredworm - S.

✔ For greater efficiency and the plants to be more resistant to frost, we recommend autumn fertilization with Bioredworm - S and in the spring plants to be treated with Bioredworm- L.

✔ Full yield to the new plantings that are treated with Bioredworm - S and the Bioredworm - L reaches the development earlier than a year.


The planting of the vineyards:

✔ During the production of vine coils, before planting we set 600-700 gr Bioredworm - S in m2.

✔ During the plantation of vine planting, in every sapling is set 300-400 gr Bioredworm - S. The nutrition of seedling vineyard is made with 1-3 kg Bioredworm - S in a sapling, depending on the age of vine plants. From 5 years old is set 1 kg, 5-10 years old is set 2 kg and over 10 years old is set 3 kg.

✔ In the spring, we recommend 1-2 foliar treatments.

✔ In cases where we have the system item to item, the autumn fertilizer will be with Bioredworm - L.

✔ Full yield of the new plantations, which are treated with Bioredworm - S and the Bioredworm - L reaches the development earlier than a year.  




 Download the standard table and user guide for Bioredworm-S (Solid)