- L (Liquid)

100% Organic - Microbial  Worm (Casting)  Fertilizer / All Kinds Of Field, Vine plantations, Greenhouse,Garden Plants & Soilless Farming (Aquaponics & Hidroponics)

Bioredworm - L (Liquid) “Premium quality” is a high-quality liquid 100% organic - microbial worm (casting) fertilizer, produced by special methods and process from the extract of Bioredworm - S (Solid) worm casting fertilizer. (Not to be confused with "worm tea", which is unstable and must be used immediately.)

The liquid worm fertilizer Bioredworm - L, contains full complex of macro- and microelements, humic substances, soil antibiotics, growth hormones, amino & fulvic acids, phyto vitamins and more than 120 billion useful microorganisms. Bioredworm - L provides and balances plant diet in a completely different manner as compared to standard fertilizers. Namely, soil and air represent an inexhaustible source for all elements required for growth and development of plants. However, most of these elements are in unavailable forms for the plants. Air is composed of 78% nitrogen in unavailable forms for the plants. If the total soil nitrogen, amounting 8 million tonnes per square kilometre, would be available for the plants, they would have sufficient nitrogen quantity for about 80 million years, thus resulting into yield of about 3000 kilograms per year (“Microbiology”, prof. dr.  Jugoslav Ziberovski). Although there are such quantities of nutrients in nature, people unnecessarily use chemical fertilizers and further pollute the soil. There are microorganisms in nature which convert nitrogen and other unavailable elements into easily accessible forms which the plants need; unfortunately, humans have also destroyed these soil microorganisms, mostly with the long-term use of chemical fertilizers!

Bioredworm - L represents a rich source of all necessary elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium calcium, magnesium, etc.) which are made accessible for both soil and plants. Our objective is to use Bioredworm - L to restore the destroyed microorganisms in soil, so that they could further perform the tasks assigned to them by nature. One millilitre of Bioredworm - L contains more than 120 billion beneficial soil microorganisms which provide diet for plants; when phytopathogenic (harmful) microorganisms occur, which cause plant diseases, the same shall face the soil (beneficial) microorganisms of Bioredworm - L which outnumber them and which shall significantly neutralise the damage, in the way as nature fights plant diseases. In plants treated with Bioredworm - L, the vitamin “C” percentage increases two to seven times (depending on the plant type). Increased presence of vitamin “C” results into increase in immunity and resistance of plants against all types of diseases, drought, and ice.

Effect of Bioredworm - L (liquid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer in the plant’s:

 Bioredworm - L protects and balances the nutritions of plants. 

  The plant in a controlling way uses nitrogen and ultimately it contains 75% nitrogen and 25% ammonium nitrate, which is the "dream" of each plant. (Nitrates in large quantities are harmful to humans and to plants).

 Microorganisms stimulate the plant growth and development, increase their resistance of the plant against more diseases, drought and frost and reduce the percentage of extreme low freezing temperature.

 Plants have healthy and rich root system, larger trunk, the most complete canopy and a large number of leaves.

 Seeds treated with Bioredworm - L grow faster and better release roots and the plants have superior increment and development.

 The leaves for 5-7 days acquire dark green color.

 At the plants where the fruit have to be collected in most cases, the fruits ripen faster. At the plants where the treatment is done with different types of fertilizer the harvesting is finished, while at the same plants treated with Bioredworm - L, we have a few harvesting more.


Effect of  Bioredworm - L (liquid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer in the fruits:

Increased yield by 30-100%

 Fruits are more thorough and the color is much darker, the taste is delicious and the flavor is pleasant. 

 Repeatedly harvested fruits - vegetables ripen more quickly.

 Leaf applications provides the photosynthesis stimulation.

 High percentage of the vitamin - C in the fruit for 2-7 times.

 They have earlier development for 10-15 days

 The fruits stay fresh for a long time and more easily afford the transportation. 


Effect of Bioredworm - L (liquid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer on the soil:

  Bioredworm - L adjusts the soil structure and performs bio melioration at the same time.

 The large number of microorganisms with their ferments performs sprightly on earth, and magnifies its fertility.

✔ As part of microflora, the major roles have the bacteria’s.

 The bacteria’s that are known for the increment of the multiple effects are also in direct connection with the restructuring of the fertilizer. The bacteria’s are lively creatures, which are able to carry the extreme conditions on earth and have a simple construction.

 Bacteria’s multiply by dividing, where an individual for 24 hours produces about 10 billion individuals.

 For the period of one year in one hectare of the dead bodies of bacteria’s, leave 10 organic matters and the majority of them are humificated with compound humus.


The usage of Bioredworm -L (liquid) 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer:

Using foliar it is applied directly to the plants or leaves and drip irrigation-system. Is mixed 1 liter Bioredworm - L with 150 liters of water. (In the table is explained in detais the usage of Bioredworm - L & S).



 For rapid efficiency of the soil and for the benefit of the best contribution, we recommend to use the combination of Bioredworm - S (solid) and Bioredworm - L (liquid).

 The number of treatment and quantity of Bioredworm - L (liquid) depends on the type of the plant and the quality of the soil.

 We recommend Plants that are harvested several times after each harvest foliar application (spraying) with Bioredworm - L.  

 The amount of water depends on the type of plants, capacity of the pump as well as by tehnologies, which is used (how many liters of water is wasted in a decare).

 It is important to add-use the recommended amount of Bioredworm - L (liquid) in 1/decare. If water has chlorine allow it to evaporate (you can let it sit for 12-24 hours). Chlorine can be harmful to (beneficial-bacteria,microorganisms) that have in Bioredworm- L.

 We recommend the analysis of the Soil (depending on the results of soil analyses you can contact us via e-mail address).

 We recommend a maximum amount in the beginning.




 Download the standard table and user guide for Bioredworm-L (Liquid)