About us...

INTUS L.L.C, was established in 1985 by Slobodan Vuksanovic (Founder) in Skopje. INTUS L.L.C is the Largest and First Registered Company in Macedonia for producing of 100% Organic-Microbial Worm (Vermicast) Fertilizer Located in Skopje/Macedonia. INTUS L.L.C is specialized in worm cultivation and the production of certified  100% Organic-Microbial Worm Fertilizer (Vermicast) in Liquid and Solid form.

Our product Bioredworm® 100% Organic-Microbial Worm Fertilizer is produced with the authorisation of the Macedonian Ministry of Agriculture and Agency for Food and Veterinary in accordance with the Organic Farm Law ( EU reg.(EC)834/2007 ) and with the related EU standarts and norms. 

Export code (Traces approval) code: ABP 12 CK 001 Intus 

Organic Certificate (Procert Inspection and Certification body) no: 01/0416

"If you think organic food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?"

Joel F. Salatin


Mission & Vision…

onsiedering the todays modern man and society , for their health, and healthy long convenient life, We offer the Bioredworm 100% organic-microbial worm (vermicast) fertilizer with proud and pleasure Product which absolutely does not contains any additives - chemicals (to increase the shelf life of product)  !  This healthy 100% organic - microbial worm fertilizer without using any artificial ingredients we provide to the community, have led us to feel as a leader in this branch. 

Since then, we had knowledge that many diseases of modern man come from the incorrect feeding as well as the use of contaminated and unsafe food! When we started with the cultivation of Californian Red Worms and production of 100% Organic-Microbial Worm Fertilizer, our idea was to promote Organic & Healthy Food.



The Primary Advantage;  Of production Organic Agriculture, is a high quality healthy food, that will be the main source for humans,bees and animals.

Secondary Advantage;  Of organic production is the preservation and protection of the environment in order to leave a clean soil, water, and air for the coming generations.

The breeding of Californian red worms in the beginning represented extra family business, from which were earned a good income fees. We started with the production in 1985 and the experience enabled us to continue with the development of this agricultural industry. Over a longer period, we were producing organic-microbial worm fertilizer in solid form with exellent quality. Then was imposed the necessity for the same fertilizer but in a liquid form, for foliar application and the usage of drip systems.

After many years of experimentation and cooperation with Prof.Dr. Jugoslav Ziberovski from the cathedra of Microbiology at the “Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Food” - Skopje, in 2007, we managed to make 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer in liquid form. Which for years we perfected so far to achieve European standards and finally at the experimentation where we used peaches, the results were excellent.

Both types of 100% organic-microbial worm fertilizer Bioredworm - L (liquid) and Bioredworm - S (solid) have many uses in the country and abroad.Small examples of the results are shown in the pictures in the gallery below.  Except from the manufacturing manure for directly usage, we have sold also basis of Californian red worms, such as in Macedonia as well as in neighboring countries of Balkan region.

Despite our company sales, Intus dooel with Mr. Slobodan Vuksanovic (founder / reconnaissance), has organized seminars and has trained more people for personal production in fertilizer and manufacturing machines for sowing fertilizer. The world tendency, which is often present to us, the healthy consumption of organic food without the use of artificial chemicals and unsafe additional equipment, causes organic fertilizer. Even though can’t be spent such as can be produced in sufficient quantity where the requests in the foreign markets are huge.